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Avo Key Lime Quick View

Key Lime Oil 250 ML

Aromatic Mexican Key Limes grace this unusual oil with a body and fragrance that we recommend for use in vinaigrette as well as a marinade for shrimp.
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AVO Toasted Onion Quick View

Toasted Onion Oil 250 ML

Takes mushroom sauté to a new level.  Coat Corn on the cob, a fine dusting of sugar and sea salt; wrap in husks on the grille.
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AVO Tuscan Herb Quick View

Tuscan Herb Oil 250 ML

Dried Tomatoes kissed by the sun and embraced with Tuscan Herbs creates a savory taste to romance grilled meats and fish along with summer salads.
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All Natural Avocado Oil Quick View

All Natural Avocado Oil 250 ML

With a burn temp approaching 520 degrees, 200 degrees higher than EVOO, this pure 100% Natural Avocado Oil is our #1 specialty oil item.  Drizzle the buttery flavor on salads or brush on for grilling.
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AVO Chipotle Quick View

Chipotle Oil 250 ML

Bring it on! Smokey, spirited, insanely delicious. A Southwestern highlight whether marinating steaks or brushing on Chicken.
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AVO Roasted Chili Quick View

Roasted Chili Oil 250 ML

Rounded and balanced. Smokey, with a flavor that will grace your grille and linger on your pallet.
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AVO Lemon Pepper Quick View

Lemon Pepper Oil 250 ML

Sicilian Lemon and cracked pepper create an oil with spirit.  Grilled Chicken Breasts, charred tomatoes in a Spinach Salad…oh yum!
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AVO Coastal Lemon Quick View

Coastal Lemon Oil 250 ML

Savory, tangy and all there. A perfect complement to anything seafood. Perfect because of the high burn temp for seared Ahi or Scallops.
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AVO Roasted Garlic Quick View

Roasted Garlic Oil 250 ML

The flavor of Roasted Garlic and heat tolerance even higher than Peanut Oil…what’s not to love? A Backyard Grillers necessity!
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AVO Blood Orange Quick View

Blood Orange Oil 250 ML

This is “Papa Stapes” favorite Avo Oil.  Uniquely Mediterranean flavored and perfect for so many uses!
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