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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 8 in

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Arbosana EVOO Quick View

Arbosana EVOO 375 ML

Chilean Arbosana Clean, slightly floral & buttery with a nice peppery finish and ample bitterness. Clearly displays savory notes of creamy artichoke. Crushed in early June and representing a smaller lot production, this was the finest example we could find after performing sensory evaluations on dozens of Chilean Arbosanas.
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Arbequina EVOO 375 ML

Slightly more pungent with fleeting bitterness, this well balanced example of early harvest Arbequina is both sweet and herbaceous with notes of green olive, creamy artichoke and green almond.
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Koroneiki EVOO Quick View

Koroneiki EVOO 375 ML

Greek Koroneiki This oil has a classically Greek fruity flavor and accented richness. It is evocative of the warm and bright essences of The Med, its fields and farmlands. This is a very suitable all-purpose oil with utility for cooking, sauté or grilling of meats and veggies. Combined with our stellar balsamics and a little added Feta & Tomatoes for one of our favorite vinaigrettes.
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Coratina EVOO Quick View

Coratina EVOO 375 ML

Chilean Coratina A near perfect oil from a chemical, as well as an organoleptic standpoint! Extremely fruity, displaying notes of green banana and apple! Very little bitterness but fairly viscous and loaded with pungency! We are not the only people who love this oil, as it recently won several international competitions!
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Cobrancosa EVOO Quick View

Cobrancosa EVOO 375 ML

Portuguese Cobrancosa (King Cobra) One of the best Portuguese oils we have tasted! This is a viscous oil with notes of creamy green almond and apple. It is a true medium intensity oil with a touch of bitterness and pepper!
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Hojiblanca EVOO Quick View

Hojiblanca EVOO 375 ML

Spanish Melgarejo Hojiblanca An extremely viscous oil, with notes of green apple and tomato leaf. Open this bottle and let the fruity aroma sweep over you! Just a hint of pepper and no bitterness makes this a beautiful example of a well made, mild oil.
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Picual EVOO Quick View

Picual EVOO 375 ML

"El Presidente" (Oro Bailen Picual) One of the premier oils in the world, this early harvest picual was crafted with exceptional care and attention to detail. A perfect balance between, bitterness, pungency and fruitiness, makes this a near perfect oil. Drizzle over pasta, warm bread and steamed veggies! As an all-purpose oil, the Picual works beautifully in sauces and salads, and is a delicious counterpart to the more flavorful balsamic vinegars. For an appetizer, sprinkle it with assorted grated cheeses and spices and use it as a dipper for your favorite crusty bread. When warmed, the Picual gives off the sweet aroma of ripe tomatoes.
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Athinoelia EVOO 375 ML

Slow growing, this Grecian EVOO is spectacular. Athena made the gift of olives to the Athenians of mythology, hence the name. The fertile soil and perfect weather of the Laconian microclimate culminates in the truly special oil given by the goddess herself.
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