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Lucques Estate Grown Olives Quick View

Lucques Estate Grown Olives

Known to be an olive highly valued by gourmets the world over. Although primarily grown in southern France, this Californian is meaty and slightly sweet; not soft, salty, or mushy like some olives can be. The green flesh is firm and bright.  Papa Stapes major favorite and he handles them with care as they must be kept submerged in their light brine since they discolor very easily. Contains pits.
Roasted Herbed Olive Medley Quick View

Roasted Herbed Olive Medley

An intense combination of Mediterranean Olives marinated in a special blend of fresh basil, wild oregano, sage, thyme, with other herbs and spices. Use to add color and flavor to your salads, pasta, and chicken dishes or in your favorite Mediterranean recipes. Use as a garnish, hors d'oeuvre or a side dish.  Contains pits.

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