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Classic Balsamic Reduction Quick View

Classic Balsamic Reduction 250 ML

Aged balsamic vinegar imported from Modena Italy, slow simmered, creating a thick, velvety smooth and robust reduction. This most versatile reduction adds unsurpassed flavor to any dish. Hugely popular at out Havasu store.
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Strawberry Fig Balsamic Reduction Quick View

Strawberry Fig Balsamic Reduction 250 ML

Slow infusion of succulent strawberries and mission figs slow infused in aged balsamic creates a more fruity intense finish. Drizzle on grilled salmon or halibut. Unbelievable in vinaigrettes or lightly drizzled on all salads, ice cream and fresh fruit.
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Chili Lime Balsamic Reduction Quick View

Chili Lime Balsamic Reduction 250 ML

This reduction is slow infused with red hot chilies, puckered up with fresh squeezed lime juice…sweet and tangy heat for a spice lovers’ sensation.  Most excellent on all salads, cilantro prawns or any grilled chicken.
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